Kirkland Baby Wipes Unscented 900ct

Kirkland Baby Wipes Unscented 900ct

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  • Kirkland Baby Wipes - Unscented - 900 ct
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Publisher: Kirkland Signature

Details: The most exciting breakthrough in premium-quality baby wipes. Tencel is the revolutionary fabric that begins where other fabrics end. You'll see and feel why it's ultra-soft the very first time you use it. BETTER FOR BABY Tencel is ultra-soft and absorbs faster and better than other wipes. BETTER FOR YOUR WORLD Our wipes are made from 100% renewable resources. More than ever, parents like you want products for their children that are naturally made from raw materials but are also respectful of the environment. That's why Tencel is the ideal New Age material. Tencel is made from trees. Actually, from the cellulose inside trees, which is naturally absorbent and renewable. The innovative manufacturing process is environmentally responsible because it effectively recaptures and reuses manufactured resources. Even the wipes are biodegradable, which creates a natural, sustainable cycle. Nature Returning to Nature Derived from natural resources 100% renewable Biodegradable In established international testing, Tencel's manufacturing process is rated more eco-friendly than other fibers. In additional, its carbon footprint is about 30% smaller than that of cotton manufacturing.* Tencel is advanced care for your baby and for our earth. Includes: 9 packs (100 wipes per pack) Natural softness of Tencel fiber which is made from 100% renewable resources Vitamin E Hypoallergenic Alcohol Free Tencel is a registered trademark of Lenzing A.G.

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